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What is the Best Pillow to Sleep with?

A question I get asked almost every week if not every day in practice is “Hey Dr. Moe, what kind or brand of pillow should I be sleeping with?” My first response is always the same, “Whatever pillow you sleep the best with.” I usually say this in a joking matter because obviously there is more to it than that, but we all respond differently to different pillows, beds, sleeping positions, nighttime sleeping temps, etc. With that being said, here are a few key principles to stick with when it comes to pillows, beds, and sleeping positions.

  1. No matter how good your pillow or bed is, if you don’t take care of your body and spine you will always wake up feeling tight and tired.

  1. The key is maintaining a neutral spine throughout the night. You want your head, ideally, without rotation, support for proper neck curves, and from there you want a neutral spine. Sleeping on your back is usually the easiest to maintain proper posture, but you can also achieve this by side lying, especially with support between the knees. Stomach sleeping is the toughest, on the body, because your neck is rotated and your spine is in hyper lordosis. With that all being said, sleeping in perfect positions without actually sleeping or achieving deep sleep is useless, so find a position that is best for your spine BUT also allows you to sleep and wake up rested.

  1. You can get adjusted regularly, get proper movement during the day, have the perfect pillow and bed, but if you're not focusing on your circadian rhythm and nighttime routine, you will still wake up tired and feeling off. Make sure you are getting natural sunlight and movement first thing in the morning, limit evening coffee/alcohol/sugar, and limit tv and screen time in the evening. Bonus points if you can have a dark and cooler bedroom.

I hope these tips helped. Remember, get a good pillow BUT also make sure you are sleeping with a neutral spine, taking care of your health and nighttime routine, and OBVIOUSLY make sure you are getting adjusted regularly! There is a reason our office is known for the sleep button. Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out.

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