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I feel so much better! Now what?

This is a question we often get here at Tree of Life Chiropractic – Rochester after families have finished their initial restoration care or have met their initial goals. Honestly, most families, once they meet their initial goals or have been under care for a period of time, couldn't imagine going back to where they were prior to receiving regular chiropractic care. While other families are used to associating symptoms with chiropractic or medical care, they think there's a start and stop point to care.

This is how I look at care after reaching our goals…

Recently, I was talking to a patient about how after getting a regular check-up, his medical doctor recommended making some better life choices after finding out he had pretty high cholesterol numbers. He spent the next 6 months eating healthy, working out, getting adjusted, focusing on sleep and simply living a more active, yet natural way of life. When he went back for his cholesterol check-in, he was told that his cholesterol had lowered to “normal” levels and that he wouldn’t need to start taking cholesterol medication. After hearing this, I asked him what his plans were moving forward with his health? Thankfully, he was excited about his new levels, his daily energy to play with his kids, and having fun with his family. There was no way he wanted to go back to his unhealthy ways and risk having a possible heart attack or living on cholesterol lowering medication. I'm pretty sure we all would be thinking the same thing.

Chiropractic care should be looked at the same way! If we are healthier and living our lives optimally from chiropractic, wouldn’t you want to continue that? Or continue to even get healthier and live life at an even higher level? I certainly would! Not just in regards to chiropractic care, this concept could relate to many different life situations-whether that is lowering cholesterol, losing weight at the gym, eating healthier, etc.

In the end, our health doesn’t have a start and stop point. Our health choices are always either moving in a positive or negative direction. So whether it is chiropractic care or anything else, let's keep moving in the positive direction for not only ourselves, but our families.

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