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Meet The Team

Brianna Armignacco

office manager

I was born and raised in Rochester, NY. For a few short years I lived in Buffalo, NY, where I attended Canisius College and received my Bachelors’ Degree in Communication Studies. I fell in love with learning about how to relate to people.

In November of 2018, I had my son, Sami, and it changed my world completely. I fell in love with learning as much information about pregnancy, babies, and breastfeeding as I possibly could. I feel like I can truly fulfill my mission here at Tree of Life Chiropractic: to be able to truly help families feel healthy, educated, and connected in the community.

Lorri Smith

chiropractic assistant

I grew up in a small town outside of Rochester and I always knew that I wanted this city to be my forever home. My love for Rochester grew as I realized how many big hearts and hard workers make up the small business culture in our city. 


I was an only child so I didn’t have any “built-in friends” that many of my peers had and because of this I have always had a passion for cultivating new relationships. I am endlessly curious and trying to learn more about the people around me, their passions and the driving force in their lives. In my studies I became fascinated by sustainability - for my physical and mental wellbeing as well as others.


I sought out care at Tree of Life Chiropractic when I was pregnant with my daughter Peyton and since my first visit the whole team treated me like family. I feel very blessed to work here and look forward to meeting you and your family! 


Samantha Caruso

Up until I was pregnant with my fourth child, I have never stepped foot into a chiropractor’s office, let alone, ever thought I needed one. My six-year-old was experiencing severe digestive issues and after trying all the recommendations with little to no resolve, I stumbled upon Tree of Life Chiropractic and decided to give them a try. Results were pretty much immediate and when I no longer saw my daughter in pain, it was then that I knew this was the missing piece to the puzzle.

Not too long after, I took the plunge and decided to get myself under care, in my last few months, of my pregnancy. Ultimately, this was when my life completely changed. I was relieved of my sciatica, which was something that I experienced throughout my previous pregnancies. I felt happier and energized postpartum. Chiropractic gave me a newfound freedom that I didn’t have before and the more I learned, the more I wanted to share with others.


I love meeting our Tree of Life fam, listening to them, and getting to encourage them through their wellness journey. As mentioned before, I have 4 kiddos and they get adjusted twice a week, as well as my husband. You may get the pleasure of meeting them (they are very hard to miss lol)! I couldn’t imagine my family’s life without chiropractic; thriving, happy, and healthy. I can attest that this is the best addition to our wellness regimen and my goal is to empower families to do and feel the same.

chiropractic assistant + 
Sapling brand manager

Jocelyn pepper

chiropractic assistant

I'm originally from the Boston area; but, as a Syracuse alum, I've spent many years in Upstate New York! I currently live in Seneca Falls with my boyfriend who is attending chiropractic school at the Northeast College of Health Sciences. 


I've always been a very active individual - I was a competitive gymnast growing up, and now I'm an avid traveler who loves to be on the move. I really value health and wellbeing, and I've always been fascinated by the structure and function of the human body. I graduated from SU with my Bachelors Degree in Health and Exercise Science, wanting to pursue a career that enabled me to help others reach their goals to become the happiest and healthiest versions of themselves. I definitely feel like I do just that here at Tree of Life Chiropractic. 


You can usually find me in the exam room scanning patients or creating content for our social media! 

joce team pic.jpg

Sara D'amico

chiropractic assistant

Making new connections and encouraging people to dream big are two of my favorite things!
Lucky for me, I get to do both here at TOLC!
My family and I recently moved back to Rochester in September 2022 after spending seven years in the Carolinas. It’s hard not to miss the sunshine and warm weather, but I’m excited to see what this next chapter holds. The transition certainly taught me that fulfilling a dream or goal isn’t the end of the journey; we just get to create new ones!

And, I enjoy seeing this with our TOLC families, too! Once we address their initial concerns, they have space to imagine new goals!
I graduated from RIT in 2008 with my Bachelors in Business Management; but, life offered me a different career path when I was serendipitously present for my friend’s (surprise!) unplanned, unassisted homebirth (minutes after the ball dropped on New Years!) I soon became a DONA certified birth doula and Lamaze certified childbirth educator. My own pregnancy journeys and unique labor stories helped me to really appreciate how amazing our bodies are and how immensely important the right support is!
In Charlotte, NC, I owned a massage and yoga studio, continuing to support new moms and growing families. After closing in 2020, I became a full time stay at home mom. My three kiddos 
inspire me every day to try new things: like pursuing my life-long dream of publishing my writing
online, training for a half marathon, and even coaching my oldest

daughter’s soccer team!

Now, I get to bring all of my experiences and knowledge to support our TOLC families. Getting to celebrate all of the small and big wins always puts a smile on my face!

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