What To Expect


When you complete the New Patient Intake Form, we’ll have an excellent understanding of your past and current health care needs. The form may seem lengthy at first but most of the questions are “Yes” and “No” answers, so it will go quickly. But, more importantly, the information you provide is crucial for determining the best course of care. Click the links below to download the form that applies to you and fill out ahead of time!



Once you’ve completed your paperwork, you will meet with Dr. Chelsea or Dr. Carl to discuss your health concerns for yourself and/or your child. Here, we will find out if you’re a good candidate for chiropractic care!



Following the consultation, Dr. Chelsea or Dr. Carl Moe will perform a thorough chiropractic, physical and neurological examination. The purpose of this examination is to locate the cause of your problem so we can develop a plan to help you.