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Epigenetics and the Future Health of your Family

“Just like a single cell, the character of our lives is determined not by our genes but by our responses to the environmental signals that propel life.” – Bruce Lipton

What if I told you that the decisions and actions you make today can and will affect the health and well-being of your family and future generations? The study of epigenetics is now proving that how we live our lives may not necessarily change our genome, but can change how our genes are expressed. This means we are not slaves to our DNA. Our environment controls the activity of our genes. Our interpretation of the environment determines how our genes express themselves and how we can direct our interpretation of life's events.

What does this mean for you, parents? Well, here at Tree of Life Chiropractic – Rochester, we often talk about the 3 T’s-Toxins, Trauma and Thoughts. Toxins relate to what we put into our bodies. This includes nutrition, oxygen, medications, alcohol, etc. Trauma relates to the physical stress we put on our bodies from the birthing process, falls, sitting all day, etc. Lastly, thoughts relate to our mental and emotional stress. Let’s face it, we live in a stressful world. Kids experience stress within the home, school and social media. Adults experience stress at home, work, social media and generally trying to hold it all together. When the stress of the 3 T’s are out of control, this creates the perfect storm. If we can better manage these 3 T’s and create a healthier lifestyle in these three areas, we can improve the environment of our bodies and therefore our genetic expression. This doesn’t mean we will all of a sudden be in perfect health (although our bodies were made with everything we need), but we can function and live at our best potential.

“Your children’s genes reflect only their potential, not their destiny. It is up to you to provide the environment that allows them to develop to their highest potential.” – Bruce Lipton

As chiropractors, specializing in prenatal and pediatric care, we get to help you and your kids with this process. Chiropractic addresses your nervous system through analysis and correction of subluxations, a misalignment of the vertebrae creating neurological dysfunction. Not only does it help you feel better and reduce symptoms, but also improves your perception of the environment and helps facilitate constructive, appropriate responses to environmental changes. We see this all the time in our office; families that get adjusted are happier, healthier and more emotionally regulated.

If you have any questions regarding epigenetics or how chiropractic can help you and your family thrive, please reach out or schedule an appointment today! It is our passion and mission to help Rochester and surrounding communities achieve optimal health and happiness.

“Genes are not destiny!” – Bruce Lipton

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