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The Perfect Storm And How Chiropractic Can Help!

What comes to mind when you think of the phrase “Perfect Storm”? You can just imagine a bunch of commotion and craziness causing a series of events that is really far from ideal. In the chiropractic world, we like to use the phrase “Perfect Storm” in regards to the immense physical, chemical, and emotional stress that we are under in this day and age - before we are even born!

Our passion and mission here at Tree of Life is to help children and families be the best they can be: thriving, loving, serving, and growing. This can be so difficult if you are struggling with your health - that’s why we’re here to help. It’s important to begin chiropractic care as early as possible, to take charge in avoiding that “Perfect Storm” and preventing issues that may occur later on in life.

If you haven’t noticed, ADHD and sensory issues and the diagnosis of these seems to be blowing up in recent years. Here are some eye-opening statistics:

-95% of kids by age 2 have an ear infection, most of them occurring chronically

-1 out of 10 kids are diagnosed with asthma with new research showing it may be related to the antibiotic use associated with ear infections

-1 in 4 children are diagnosed with a chronic illness

-1 in 6 kids diagnosed with ADHD

-1 in 54 kids diagnosed with autism

-1 in 6 kids diagnosed with a developmental disorder

It would be impossible for evolving genetics to change quickly enough to create these rapidly growing statistics. We must take a look at our internal and external environments that are day in and day out putting stress on our bodies.

“The function of the Nervous System is to perceive the environment and coordinate the behavior of all other cells,” as stated by Dr. Bruce Lipton, a developmental biologist. Every day, stimuli are coming at and into our bodies. A major struggle for children with sensory processing disorders is being able to properly perceive, adapt, function, and create behavior from these stimuli.

Perceived stimuli can cause stress on our spine and nervous system over time, which then causes our body to go into and stay in its fight or flight response. This is if we do not do anything to manage and reduce this stress. Our body’s Fight or Flight (sympathetic - stress) response is crucial for survival in certain circumstances, like if you’re being chased through the forest by a grizzly bear, you will want to use 100% of your body’s energy for running away! However, if you are locked into a constant state of Fight or Flight and your body is constantly trying to use 100% of its energy to fend off an imaginary bear, over time that stress is really going to take a toll. Every stimulus (light, touch, sound) will eventually become over-stimulating and irritating. Being stuck in Fight or Flight can also contribute to digestive and immunity issues, as these bodily systems will take a back seat when the body’s sole focus is the sympathetic (fight or flight) response.

The number one goal with chiropractic care is to measure the stressors and how our body is both perceiving them and functioning while under them.

There are three identified “T ingredients” that create The Perfect Storm:

1 - Physical stress - Trauma

2 - Chemical stress - Toxins

3 - Emotional/mental stress - Thoughts

The first T, Trauma, begins while still in utero. Some of these stressors might include improper positioning and limitation of space, birth trauma (forceps, vacuum, pitocin, C-section, and up to 120 pounds of weight on the baby’s head and neck even if there are no interventions). This stress will continue into babyhood and childhood while learning to crawl, then walk, the falling associated with that, and being in baby seats and jumpers. Then, once kids hit school age they are required to sit most of the day at a desk which can also be taxing on the body.

The second T, Toxins, can come from food preservatives and additives, processed and high sugar foods, pesticides, chemicals in cleaners and household products, pollutants and toxins in the air both inside and outside, fillers in vaccines, medications, and contaminated water supplies. We live in a world where it has become difficult to escape toxins and we don’t immediately realize the huge effect they can have on our bodies.

The third T is our Thoughts. Our mind can be a powerful tool, but sometimes it works against us. Most of us will have our share of fear based thoughts, again beginning while carrying baby - fears of labor, stressful birthing process, fast paced lifestyle. Our kiddos are experiencing more stress in this day and age than ever before with more bullying both in school and virtually, the labeling and diagnosing frenzy leading to anxiety for both children and parents, and increased expectations for all, causing us to feel like we just can’t keep up.

We know parents are doing the best they can to make informed decisions. What can you do to decrease the 3Ts, and identify what the stresses are and where they’re coming from, and help your kiddos thrive? How can we increase the ability to take in the stressors, handle them better, coordinate action, and adapt?

By addressing the same root cause - stress on the Nervous System - and determining where it’s coming from!

Our goals here at Tree of Life Chiropractic - Rochester are to help kids be able to focus better on their schoolwork, reduce or get off of medications and interventions, become more independent, establish healthy weight and digestive function, see their social skills flourish, and most importantly to help them feel happy and thriving.

We are here for you. At your New Patient Visit, we provide a thorough consultation to discuss and measure stressors that are affecting your kiddo, we use CLA insight technology to measure muscle tone and nervous system function at every level of the spine, and an HRV assessment to see how much stress their body’s under and how they’re adapting to that stress. At your second visit, we will create a game plan with all these pieces of the puzzle to work together on your family’s health goals. We will help move your kiddo out of that fight or flight state by balancing the nervous system and helping them thrive, which allows the entire family to thrive as well.

With these ever-changing and uncertain times, we want you and your family’s health to remain a priority. That’s why we are extending our VIP pricing through the month of May. Schedule now to receive $100 off of your kiddo’s New Patient Exam - just mention this deal over the phone when we contact you to schedule your appointment!

Stay safe, be well, and we look forward to serving you and your families soon!

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