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Research: Chiropractic – Probiotics & Colic

We love that more research is being done regarding a more holistic approach to colic. If you hang around Tree of Life Chiropractic – Rochester long enough not only will you see many families coming in and starting care to reduce the symptoms of colic, you’ll also see many mom’s sharing how chiropractic care has helped their kiddos. After an initial consultation and exam we will always recommend a care plan to help reach each family’s goals. Then in some cases, specifically colic, we will make supplementation and probiotic recommendations.

Here is an abstract from a recent clinical study:

Manual therapy and probiotic supplementation for infant colic: an evidence-based clinical evaluation


Aim: To determine whether research evidence supports probiotic supplementation together with spinal manipulative therapy as a viable combination to significantly decrease infant colic.

Method: Review and report findings of scientific papers that support the effectiveness of treatments with probiotics and spinal manipulative therapy for infant colic.

Result: Considerable research suggests that probiotic supplementation could improve metabolites such as short chain fatty acids that have been shown helpful in regulation of a stress response. Both probiotics and manual therapy appear to improve functionality of the vagus nerve and parasympathetic nervous system to balance the autonomic nervous system, which could result in reduction in crying time for infants. Each treatment, individually, has shown some benefits for infant colic in randomized controlled trials. Both remedies are considered safe.

Conclusion: Research suggests there may be sufficient background to justify randomized trials utilizing a combination of probiotic supplementation and manual therapy for the treatment of infant colic. Since both treatments are considered safe and benefits have been shown, it may be appropriate for individual clinicians, faced with a colicky infant, to suggest to the parents a short clinical trial combining these two therapies.

Here is how each of these approaches help:

Chiropractic Care 🡪 As pediatric chiropractors, our focus is to create a balanced and optimally functioning nervous system to make sure our kiddos grow and develop as healthy as possible. At our initial exam, we measure kids’ HRV to assess their “fight or flight” response, also known as the autonomic nervous system (ANS). When unbalanced, the ANS can mess with our body’s ability to heal and develop as well as function day to day. Chiropractic adjustments help balance the autonomic nervous system. By providing regular adjustments, specifically to the upper cervical spine and vagus nerve, we help kids’ nervous systems to calm down and better heal, digest, poop, latch, and, ultimately, thrive.

Probiotics 🡪 Taking probiotics can help improve your kiddos digestion and ease; especially, as their little bodies are just learning how to properly function. The research also shows that breastfed infants had a higher abundance of natural gut flora than those who were formula fed. This is also a great reason why formula fed kiddos should be supplementing with a good probiotic.

If your child is struggling with colic or digestion or even just being at ease, we would love to be a part of your health journey. Pediatric chiropractic care and proper supplementation and diet may be just what you and your family needs to function at their best.

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