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How to REALLY Succeed in Your Life and Health

In my personal and business life I am always trying to be better. Whether that is my marriage, being a dad, my health, my business or for my community. Recently, I have found great success in some of these and honestly I have been falling short in others. This realization caused me to sit down and think, what am I doing in some aspects of my life and not the others. During this time, I realized the difference between consistent attention versus maximal instant attention.

Let me break these down a bit…

Maximal instant attention is like New Year resolutions. We get fired up for or forced into the need for change and start working out really hard every day or spend countless ours at work. But realistically the excitement fades or we run out of steam resulting in us stopping all together for a period of time or even permanently. With maximal instant attention there isn’t balance.

Consistent attention is when we put in the work every day for a long period of time or preferably forever. Consistent attention required balance. I love the quote “Done beats Perfect” because putting in the work even if its just a little bit every day beats doing something all out or perfect just every once in a while.

How does this same realization effect our health?

If we can make better health choices (not perfect) every single day we are going to be consistently making progress and therefore become healthier and more wholesome over time.

Some examples are:

· Workout out or even walk EVERYDAY for a period of time that we can always fit into our busy lives. Even if it is only 10-15 min.

· Add healthier foods into your diet instead of going on an all-out diet or restriction.

· Figure out a balanced sleep schedule to get 7-8 hours of sleep (or more) every night instead staying up late or waking up super early some days and then crashing on other days.

· Show your wife and kids just little more love, attention and grace everyday instead of digging a hole to climb out of.

· Find a way to have a little fun and enjoyment everyday so that you don’t need a break from your own life.

· See your favorite chiropractor aka Tree of Life Chiropractic on a regular basis to allow your nervous system (health) to function and adapt the way it’s meant to and therefore not needing to make up for it when symptoms or problems arise.

These are just some examples but there are so many more.

I hope this quick blog post inspires you to look at your life and health just a little bit different. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if we can ever help you and your family on this journey we call life. We are passionate about helping the families of the greater Rochester area thrive and be as healthy AND happy as possible.

Be Blessed!

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