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Consistency and Time

With it being the new year, everyone likes to make new years resolutions. Sadly, we often find our selves looking back at the end of the year wishing we could have had better results with those resolutions. And often, our biggest weakness when attempting to reach these goals is the lack of consistency and time. Consistency for a period of time is a must to create physiological, neurological, and long term change. So whether that’s a specific diet or supplementation change, or exercise, mental health or financial change. We must be consistent and do it for a period of time to see the results we are looking for..

This same principle applies to our office. Our families and kiddos who get the greatest results in our office do so because they utilize the power of consistency and time. When we create care plans for families, we do so according to their neurological and physiological scans and personal goals. And these care plans, in order to help create the best results, include frequency of adjustments (consistency) and time (amount of care). Our goal as pediatric, prenatal and family chiropractors here in Rochester, NY is to give you families the best chance possible to get the results you deserve. This is why our scanning technology and care planning is so important.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and many blessings your way in 2023!! If you are looking for accountability this year, please share with us your goals. If we can help you and your family reach those goals and thrive in 2023, reach out and we would love to help!

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