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Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

Many of you already know that regular exercise is important for optimal overall health. However, many expecting moms are unsure how that translates into pregnancy, or how to even start exercising once you find out you're expecting. Hopefully this blog post will not only inspire and motivate you to be active during your pregnancy but also give you some tips and advice to make it as efficient, effective, and enjoyable as possible.

Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

  1. Reduces back pain, constipation, bloating, and swelling.

  2. Prevents and/or reduces the risk of gestational diabetes by an average of 27%.

  3. Improves energy and immune system.

  4. Increases mood and decreases stress and depression.

  5. Improves posture, muscle tone, strength and endurance.

  6. Improves sleep.

  7. Staying fit during pregnancy not only improves ability to cope and work through labor but makes it easier to get back in shape after baby comes.

  8. Reduces the risk of preeclampsia.

  9. Reduces the risk of forceps delivery by 75%, C-sections by 4 times and 55% less likely to need an episiotomy.

  10. Shorter time in labor.

  11. Decrease in nausea post workout.

  12. Increased confidence in body image and body's ability to carry and deliver your child.

  13. Meet other moms in prenatal classes for support and friendship.

These are just a few examples, but as you can see exercise during pregnancy is imperative. You don't need to be doing 2 hour spin classes or throwing weight around in the Crossfit gym either. My recommendation is to always find an activity that has a cardiovascular and strength component but most importantly what you ENJOY doing. This is so important because you are more likely to do an activity on a regular basis if you enjoy doing it - and also because you should walk away from your workout or activity feeling better and more at peace than when you started.

How Does Chiropractic Fit Into Exercising While Pregnant?

There are many reasons why all expecting moms should see a prenatal chiropractor throughout your pregnancy. Just a few of the reasons are better baby positioning, more mobility and less pain, better sleep, healthier mom and kiddo, and shorter and more efficient labors. When it comes to exercise, it is sometimes hard for moms to get going because of all the changes their body and mind is going through. Chiropractic helps address these issues and concerns so that your body and mind can not only just make it through this time, but thrive.

If you are expecting or even in the planning process of starting a family, I encourage you to reach our and see how we can help you have the birth experience your desire and deserve.

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