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Top 3 Components for a Successful Physiological Birth

We at Tree of Life Chiropractic – Rochester see on a daily basis the amazing benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy. We see new moms coming in to start care from the family planning stages all the way until the last moments before giving birth. Below are the top 3 components for a successful physiological birth that prenatal chiropractic can help with.

  1. POWER – Our nervous system (power) controls, operates and balances every single bodily process, including childbirth. In order to have a safe, effective, efficient and natural birth the way it was designed, the nervous system must be functioning optimally. This is why we check and adjust moms all the way up to the birth of their new kiddo for the best birth possible.

  1. PASSAGE – For a baby to descend through the birth canal (passage), efficiently and properly, the balance of the mother’s pelvis is imperative. Prenatal chiropractors make sure that the pelvis is balanced and moving properly, as well as ensuring the muscles and ligaments of the pelvis and uterus, are free to move and function optimally. This results in greater ease and comfort during pregnancy and the birthing process.

  1. PASSENGER – The baby (passenger) wants to be in the best and safest position possible in order to move and descend through the birth canal. Not only do POWER and PASSAGE play an important role in a baby's position, but the movement of the baby through the birth canal plays another very important role in the health and vitality of your newborn, for years to come.

Moms under care report that they exhibit less pain, decreased labor times, fewer interventions at birth, reduced nausea and digestive stress, improved hormonal balance, optimal fetal positioning, and improved postpartum recovery. You can also read our blog post on 5 Reasons to See a Chiropractor while Pregnant for more reasons to add chiropractic care to your birth plan.

We would love to be a part of your pregnancy journey whether it is the opportunity to be a part of your birth team or support you in another way you might desire. Give us a call, or send an email - we’d love to chat with you further!

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